Who Refills Ink Cartridges For Printers?

Do you use an inkjet printer?

If yes, you must have frustratingly acknowledged moments when the ink cartridges run out of ink! Unfortunately, the situation arises after every few hundred prints, causing you to stop printing and focus on troublesome refilling duties instead.

Refilling your ink cartridges with liquid ink is a messy process that might leave marks on all surfaces. You might also waste some ink, draining more and more money on the printer’s running bills.

So, instead of doing it yourself, you can look for stores that will take on this exasperating task for you! Want to know about places that refill ink cartridges for printers?

We will introduce you to some of the most common stores!

Who Refills Ink Cartridges For Printers

Places That Refill Ink Cartridges

As we mentioned before, some very renowned American stores offer the service of refilling ink cartridges. They have employees who are skilled in this work area and can fluently deal with your ink without wasting any.

Here are some stores that will assist you with your refilling task:

Office Max

Office Max is a part of ODP Corporation – a brand that works diligently to provide its customers with all the necessary business supplies. They sell cartridges and parts of printers belonging to several leading brands like HP, Dell, Brother, Casio, Epson, Oki, Canon, etc. In addition, you can also shop for papers, pens, calendars, staplers, and other crucial office items!

Aside from goods, Office Max also manages to sell services – one of which luckily includes refilling ink cartridges. So you can quickly ring up your local Office Max and ask them to send an experienced technician who will successfully fill up your cartridges. They will then be there within minutes and complete the task without wasting any resources.


Costco Wholesale is an American corporation with chains set up all around the United States. It is the world’s fifth-largest retailer and manages to offer many products and services to its guests.

If you have a Costco store in your neighborhood, you are in luck as it will most likely sell you acts of assistance like refilling. You can call them up using the store number and ask for a quick favor regarding your printer’s refill. Afterward, all you need to do is name the printer brand and model number before waiting for their technician to show up at your door. They will hastily get the refilling process over with so that you can head back to printing output!

Your Office

Your Office strives to help all its customers focus on their professional lives. So, a business that signs with them will no longer have to worry about other tasks like running out of supplies, refilling cartridges, or cleaning print heads. Instead, all you need to do is ring them up in your time of need!

With several competent professionals hidden under their wing, Your Office manages to solve all problems within a couple of minutes. You can trust them to be an exceptional and flexible partner who works alongside your business to make it thrive.


Just like Office Max, Staples has stores all over America that you can visit when in need of a refill. It is one of their “while-you-wait” services, meaning that you can drop off your printer at their reception and sit down or shop for other things. Meanwhile, they will work on filling the cartridges, allowing you to pick them up as you leave.

Some of the branches of Staples will also promise a recycling offer in the hopes of approaching a greener environment. $3.00 coupons will be presented as long as you give them with your old and used cartridges.


Want to know about my favorite spot for getting a refill?

Walgreens! As approximately 3000 of Walgreens’ drugstores offer to fill up your used cartridges, you can easily walk into one and stumble into their amazing service. What’s even better is the extremely budget-friendly values that manage to pay respect to everyone’s wallet. For example, $10 needs to be paid for refilling black ink tanks, while $15 will be charged for CMYK ones. 

Unfortunately, though, people tend to complain about the lack of options presented by Walgreens. Only those owning printing devices by HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Dell, Primera, Sharp, and Okidata can use their services.

Does Walgreens Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022?

Yes, thousands of Walgreens stores will offer the service of refilling ink cartridges for you in 2022. However, you are more likely to find this feature in the branches that have a photo lab built within them.

Nevertheless, beware that only customers who possess HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Samsung, Fuji, and Lexmark printers are promised this refilling service. Other printer owners can check out places like Office Max or Costco for assistance.

To check if Walgreens near your offers refilling services, you will have to call them and enquire in advance. If they do, you will be automatically presented with rates according to the number of ink cartridges you wish to use for a refill. The price demanded might also change depending on the colors of ink that you ask for.

How Can You Get Ink Cartridges Refilled By Walgreens?

  1. Since not all Walgreens stores offer a refilling service, you will need to make some inquiries. First, start calling the branches that are near to your place and ask them whether they have a ‘Photo Lab’ counter. The ones that meet the criteria will definitely offer you the desired favor.
  2. Remove your printer’s cover and fish out the now empty ink cartridge. It would help if you wrapped them up in a bag to make sure no remaining droplets leak out and create a mess. Now focus on driving them to the Walgreens store that you deemed suitable after following step one.
  3. Once there, you will need to spend a few seconds looking for the ‘Photo Lab’ counter. Present your ink cartridges to the employees present there and then ask them for a refill. If they ask you about the color or any other requirements, be sure to clarify all of your wishes.
  4. The employee present at the photo lab counter will present you with details regarding the payment, identification, and pick-up time. Give them the amount, and upon getting the receipt, you can head out to any other destination you have in mind.
  5. On the assigned time or after, visit the same Walgreens store’s photo lab counter and pick up your product. You will need to show the receipt to do so.

What Types Of Ink Cartridges Does Walgreens Refill?

As we mentioned before, Walgreens will refill cartridges for printers belonging to HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Samsung, Fuji, and Lexmark. Any devices belonging to other brands will be turned down since Walgreens’ technicians are unaware of their operating process.

For the above-mentioned printers, you will be presented with the option to refill either only the black cartridge or the colored ink cartridges. Mono refills require little money since only the black cartridge needs to be filled up, whereas colored refills will cost you more. This is because cyan, magenta, black, and yellow ink cartridges need to be refilled.

How Much Does It Cost To Refill Ink Cartridges At Walgreens?

As black is one of the most common colors, it requires frequent refills causing Walgreens to decrease the costs of this service. The store will demand a sum of $10 from its customers every time an empty cartridge needs to be loaded with black ink. However, colored ink refills are rarer and tougher, resulting in the store charging you $25 for refilling such cartridges. This means that around $85 will be needed for packing up all the CMYK shades.

How Long Does It Take To Have Your Ink Cartridge Refilled At Walgreens?

Often, upon reaching the Walgreens Photo Lab Counter, you will have to spend some time standing in a queue for the refill. The time spent waiting for this varies depending on the situation, but once you have submitted the cartridges to the employee, the job will be done within an hour. You will be presented with a receipt that you need to bring along later to take back your refilled cartridges.

As the service’s required time is very low, you can first submit your printer to the counter and make the due payments. Upon doing so, you can shop for any other products you wish to purchase from the store. Your refilled product will likely be ready to be carried home by the time you are done.

How Can You Know If Your Local Walgreens Refills Ink Cartridges?

To find out whether your local Walgreens offers refilling services, you will have to contact them or an employee working there. Call them up on their store number or send a mail asking if a photo lab counter is available that offers an inkjet cartridge refilling service. Probe further to find out which brand’s printer they are willing to refill and if your printer suits their criteria, congrats! You can now consider them a plausible pick for refilling your ink cartridges.

Does Walmart Refill Ink Cartridges In 2022?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer ink cartridge refilling services for its customers. Instead, it focuses on selling printer parts, cartridges, toners, and refilling kits that people can purchase and use on their own merits. You can also send the refilling kit you purchased and your empty cartridges to stores like Costco, Your Office, Office Max, or Walgreens. The technicians there will then solve the issue for you.

Does Walmart Sell Ink Cartridges?

Yes, Walmart sells ink cartridges made by brands like HP, Brothers, Epson, Canon, Dell, and Lexmark. Aside from this, you will also be able to shop for universal cartridges – inks that are able to adapt to the printers by all brands. Steps for placing such cartridges are written on the body of the product, and customers can easily have them fitted into position on their own.

Are Ink Cartridges At Walmart Cheaper?

Yes, if you buy your ink cartridges from Walmart, you will have the chance of saving up a few bucks. However, remember that this sum is insignificant when you purchase one or two cartridges. Home users will hence, be unable to benefit from this decreased cost.

Nonetheless, publishing houses or offices can profit off of this since they buy hundreds of cartridges at once. As a result, they will be able to cut off some dollars from their running expenses.

Walmart can provide this fantastic feature since they purchase all their items in bulk. As a result, the manufacturer’s product prices are reduced, causing them to charge less for each cartridge.